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Liubian, the original and then ordinary technology has now become a


A small farmhouse, a small Mazar, a 65-year-old sitting in the courtyard, the ground is a cluster of new bubble good wicker (Vitex). A wicker in the elderly smart hands up and down somersault. Soon, a fine willow products baked. The old man named Wang Fu Ming, Wang City, the town with the only official Li Town, a master Liubian process farmers. 50 years ago, many people will compile the village

Li village is the same as the history of Li, Wang Fu-ming, according to memories, more than 50 years ago, the majority of adults in the village will Liubian, but some people a good craft, some people rough point, someone with a baskets, Out of the village on the embankment cut a wicker back, easily compiled one, do not have to buy. 16-year-old Wang Fu-ming is followed by the village a wicker can learn technology, "when the study is that this is not a house can make money craft." Wang Fu-ming said.

Liubian this skill, learn easy, difficult to learn fine. Old saying that "master the door, practice by individual." Smart ingenuity of Wang Fu-ming quickly learned a simple code. Every set, he back on his own series of a basket or a pile of dustpan to the nearby market to sell, one day earn rations of money, to add home less food to eat the land gap. Because the family is poor, Wang Fu - ming, 30 - year - old before marriage, married gave birth to a pair of children, relying on this craft, he raised two children, but also his daughter into college students. Ingenuity into Liubian capable

With age, Wang Fu - ming of the Liubian skills more and more concise. As long as the style of others to see the series, go back, he will be able to follow the way out. Made out of things not only neat appearance is also strong and durable. Once his product is on the market, it will soon be robbed.

In the process of editing, Wang Fu-ming constantly sum up, worked out a set of experience, what kind of equipment with what kind of article, what season wicker suitable for direct use, what season to grow through the immersion, after treatment can be used , The next year how to deal with the use of the article can be strong, not easy to break ... "Liubian most difficult is the compilation of dustpan, the poor performance of the master, clever people have half a year to learn.Bobbing with the tools are also the most, With the line sickle bamboo pieces, with the sickle scraping dustpan along the hand around the hammer to shake, but also do with latitude and longitude linen, the most difficult is the shape of the dustpan is not easy to get. "Speaking of weaving process, compiled a 50 Years of wicker appliances Wang Fu-ming very familiar.

Wang Fu Ming led reporters to his house after a house only one meter tall, opened the plastic film to do "door", Wang Fu-ming drilled into it, and then sit down, deftly compiled from a dustpan to. Reporters from that small "door" into the probe to see, in addition to two or three dustpan inside the semi-finished products, is a large number of wicker, there is a hole is used to bake the baskets of thick baskets. Wangfu Ming told reporters that now is the dry season, wicker easy to dry, so he must be inside the baskets, both heat and moisture, but also in the winter covered with grass emboli. This technology is facing lost

With the plastic products, metal products, a large number of applications, Liubian apparatus gradually by light, cheap plastic products, metal products replaced, gradually fade out of the lives of farmers. Today's Wang Fu Ming became the only village is also proficient in Liubian skills of farmers, his daily use of the knife and awl have been bald. However, Wang Fu-ming never thought to give up this craft, one to the slack, he is a dry day, at least every day to make three or four dustpan, "although earn a few dozen dollars, enough only My own money and money, can not raise the family, but I do not want to lose this craft. "For 50 years, Wang Fu-ming do not feel tired.

Now, let Wang Fu-ming is most regrettable that no one with him to learn this craft, 27-year-old son is despised the guarding the home of the "work." Seeing this craft will be lost, but what is it? The number of baskets a day is limited, and compiled wicker tools are less and less, and need to enter from Xinyi there, so the cost will go up, so that even more young people are willing to learn. "These things are actually very durable, well compiled just like works of art, I hope someone can pay attention to this craft, do not let it lost!" Wang Fu-ming said in an interview.

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