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Quality is the lifeline of products, credit is foundation of an enterprise, qualification of the products is not the standard, and customer satisfaction is the aim. Marketing is not “sell”, but “purchase”, and it establishes the product reputation by means of sales links and “buys” the loyalty of users.
The service with customer satisfaction is the standard, and the products which are identified as qualified products by means of technical inspection are not always qualified, and the products which win customer satisfaction are the qualified products. If the customers are not satisfied, the products will not be sold, and the enterprise will have no profit. Customer satisfaction is the working standard of our company, and we can’t say “no” to users.
We should constantly improve the aim according to the ever-changing markets.
The connotation of “Create Market” is not limited to competing for shares in the existing markets, but includes creating a new market with its own advantage. The enterprise should be good at remaking “A Cake” by means of creating a new market, guiding consumption and taking the lead in the markets.
The core competitiveness lies in whether you seize the customer resources and obtain the loyalty of customers rather than whether you have a part. If it is possible, the enterprise can obtain the market competitiveness and core competitiveness.
Therefore, the core competitiveness of Shandong Boxing Tianlong Arts and Crafts (Group) Co., Ltd. is the outstanding ability that can obtain customer and user resources.